Other Videos

 Here you'll find videos that don't exactly fit into the other categories under Videos.


A Remembrance Day program devoted to Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action
was presented on September 15, 2023. There is the video of that program


 Here's the 2023 FVB 4th of July program.


Here is a video of still pictures and videos taken from Bob Kuhn's drone flying over FVB
during the recent (July-August 2022) renovations to the FVB shingled roofs.


For several Years, Bob Beavins (now deceased) organized resident-run "radio plays"
which he called Reader's Theater. Here are videos of 3 of these.
You may recognize a younger version of yourself in one or more of them.

 Reader's Theater 2018


Reader's Theater 2017


Reader's Theater 2015