Telephones at FVB


The residents' phone service is undergoing a transition in phone company providers from ESCO to Fusion. The following is true about ESCO, and will be true about Fusion when the transition is complete in 2023.

The new telephone system at FVB is operated by a company called Fusion.  Most residents (but not all) use Fusion. They are to whom you pay your monthly phone bill  through your monthly fee.

To call another condo (serviced by Fusion) directly, dial 3 + the 3-digit condo number of the person you wish to call. In the case of Terrace Home condos (which are 2-digit numbers), dial 3 + 0+ the 2-digit condo number. Of course, you can dial the area code and 7 digit phone number of the person you're calling.

Staff members have 4-digit extension numbers that begin with 2 (dial 2XXX).

You can call the front desk by dialing 5100.

If your are not on the Fusion system, you must dial the resident's full 10-digit phone number, or the staff member's full 10-digit number (484-288-2XXX).

The front desk's full phone number is 610-383-5100.

Here are the current Fusion phone service features and voicemail instructions:


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