Dining Room Reservations by Resident Portal on the Internet


In addition to the way to reserve a table for dining listed in the Dining Rooms main menu item, an automated system (Resident Portal) has been added that allows you to make, change or cancel a reservation using your own computer or device (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, Android phone, etc.) using the Internet.

You must have a valid email address to use the Resident Portal.

In addition to listing all pending reservations that a resident has made, a tally of the number of meals used in a given month is presented, accumulated food costs are shown, and food orders can be placed. When a reservation is made, a confirming email can be sent to the resident.

In order to register for the Resident Portal, send a requesting email to WilliamsShannon@fvbrandywine.com. She will respond with your login information including your username and password. Once you are logged in, you are encouraged to change your password to one only you know. You can also make your device remember your login to make logging in easy from then on.


Click or tap here to enter the portal.