The FVB Book Discussion Group


The Book Discussion Group meets on the fourth Monday of every month (except December) at 10:30 AM in the Card Room. Volunteers suggest books for which they themselves are willing to lead the group in discussion. The chairperson checks the Chester County Library System (CCLS) for the availability of a sufficient number of copies, and a large print edition. An audio book version can also be requested. The Outreach Department of the CCLS gathers copies from their branch libraries, and sends them on to the Coatesville branch where they are picked up the week preceding the meeting. Books are distributed by and returned to the Chairperson at each meeting. Book due dates are set to accommodate the Book Group meetings.

To obtain a book other than by attending a discussion event, contact Karen Grubb in condo 522 or Alayne Tsigas in condo 331.

Upcoming books are:


Date Title Author Leader(s)


May 27, 2024


Learning Center

The Measure Nikki Erlich
Roberta Matz





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