AM and FM Radio at FVB

For a list of all the AM and FM radio stations within about 40 miles of FVB, click or tap here.

Unfortunately, at Freedom Village, we often have difficulty receiving AM and FM radio stations.This problem is mostly due to the construction of the buildings, whose thick walls provide privacy, but sometimes, depending on location, preclude reception of cell phone and radio signals. While cable TV circumvents the problem for television, radio has sometimes been a problem.

Internet Radio

Your computer and loudspeakers (or headphones) provide the solution to the radio reception problem. There are many, many radio stations that, in addition to being on the airwaves, broadcast their content on the Internet FOR FREE. Many of the local radio stations listed on the click or tap here link above also broadcast on the Internet. Just click or tap on the call letters of a specific radio station in the radio-locator to get their audio through the Internet. And not just local stations, but stations worldwide.

Here is a small sample of the audio you can get on the Internet. Just click or tap on the Internet Address to get to where you want to go:



Internet Address

Content & Description


San Francisco. News, classical music.


San Francisco Public Radio. News, talk.


Baltimore. Classical music.


Boston. Talk, classical music, jazz, Celtic, and more.


Philadelphia Public Radio. News, talk.


Philadelphia Sports Station

 KYW 1060

Philadelphia. News.


Chester County. News, talk.


New York. News, classical music.


Washington. News, classical music.


Philadelphia. Classical music, jazz.


Cincinnati. Classical music, jazz.


Chicago Public Radio


Free registration. Music. You pick the genre. Interrupting ads.

 Old Time Radio

Radio programs, 1930s to 1950s.

 Tune In

An enormous array of local, music, sports, news, talk, and WORLD WIDE radio

 Live 365

 All sorts of music genres. Interrupting ads.

 Music of all genres from 44,002 radio stations



Cable TV

Cable TV at FVB is provided by Comcast/Xfinity. Here is the Channel Line-Up for Coatesville which is applicable to FVB:

If you can't see the above, click or tap here.


To get the instructions on how to use the new XR5 remote controls that comes with the new cable boxes being installed by Comcast/Xfinity, click or tap here.


Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the installation and use of the new Comcast cable boxes.

If you can't see the above, click or tap here.



Video on the Internet

YouTube is an amazing free repository of music (of all genres) "how to" video demonstrations , entertaining video clips, tutorials of all sorts, and generally videos on almost any subject you can imagine. A headset or loudspeaker is needed. To go to YouTube, click or tap here, enter a word or expression to search for in the top box, and click or tap on the magnifying glass icon.

Skype is a free service that allows you to call someone (who is a Skype subscriber) and both talk to them and see them on your computer screen. You need a microphone, headset or loudspeaker, and web camera attached to you PC in order to use Skype. Unlimited free calls to anywhere in the world to someone who is so equipped are routinely possible. To subscribe to Skype (free), click or tap here, and then click on Download Skype.