In-House TV Channel 1971 TV Guide and Schedule


Channel 1971 is Freedom Village Brandywine's own resident run in-house television station. It provides TV programs that include documentaries, entertainment, videos that are recorded by station personnel at the Village meetings, Tuesday Talks, public RAC meetings, entertainment events, health talks, educational talks, other events, and selected full-length movies. Also broadcast, in cooperation with Delaware Valley's public TV station WHYY, are programs supplied by WHYY.


Channel 1971 publishes and distributes a monthly TV Guide of its programs. It includes an overview of most of the programs for the month, and paid advertisements from local businesses. The revenue from these advertisements helps to support the expenses of running the TV station.


Here is this month's TV Guide:

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Channel 1971 also publishes and distributes a weekly schedule for it's TV programs listing the program titles, and the broadcast times and durations.


Here is this week's TV Schedule:

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