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 Movies are selected and shown by members of the FVB Movie Committee. They are shown in the 4th floor auditorium at 7:30 PM, on Thursdays and Saturdays. Movies are subtitled or closed captioned whenever possible, to aid those who have impaired hearing.  Residents are encouraged to suggest movies by entering the names in the In-House loose-leaf book on the second floor. Movie trailers (movie previews) are now  included on this page. A trailer appears immediately below the movie description. Click or tap on the arrowhead in the middle of the trailer window to watch the trailer. Click or tap on the ll icon at the bottom left of the trailer window to pause. (These trailers generally are taken from YouTube, and may include advertisements. If a pop-up advertisement appears while you're watching the trailer, just click on the X at theupper right of the advertisement, and it will go away, or if there is no X, just wait for the ad to end.)

 All movies will be shown with subtitles unless otherwise indicated





May 2024 Movies


Thursday and Saturday 7:30 PM  Auditorium



Thu 5/2 The Best of Me (2014) PG13

1 Hour 58 Minutes  Romantic Drama


Based on Nicholas Sparks' novel, the film tells the story of former high school sweethearts Dawson and Amanda, who reunite after many years apart. Despite their vastly different lives, their love reignites. However, tragic secrets from the past threaten their chance at happiness. The film explores themes of love, sacrifice, and second chances.



Sat 5/4 Amadeus (1994) PG

2 Hours 40 Minutes  Bio/Drama/Music


Set in 18th-century Vienna, this captivating biographical drama explores the turbulent relationship between talented composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and jealous rival Antonio Salieri. Salieri's envy and admiration for Mozart's genius drive him to extreme measures, leading to a gripping tale of rivalry, obsession, and the pursuit of artistic greatness.



Thu 5/9 ***NO MOVIE***


Sat 5/11 Where the Heart Is (2000) PG13

2 Hours  Drama


A heartwarming drama directed by Matt Williams, it follows the journey of pregnant teenager Novalee Nation, who finds herself abandoned in a small Oklahoma town. She builds a new life there, forming unexpected bonds with the quirky locals and finding love along the way. Through trials and triumphs, the film celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the power of community.




Thu 5/16 Goldfinger (1964) PG

1 Hour 50 Minutes  Thriller


"Goldfinger" is a classic James Bond film directed by Guy Hamilton. Agent 007, played by Sean Connery, is tasked with investigating Auric Goldfinger, a wealthy and eccentric villain plotting to contaminate the gold reserves of Fort Knox. With its iconic characters, thrilling action sequences, and memorable one-liners, "Goldfinger" remains one of the most beloved entries in the James Bond franchise, setting a high standard for spy thrillers.




Sat 5/18 ET (1982) PG

1 Hour 55 Minutes   SciFi/Adventure


A beloved film directed by Steven Spielberg, the story follows Elliott, a young boy who befriends a stranded alien and helps him evade government capture. As Elliott and his siblings form a deep bond with the gentle creature, they embark on a quest to help him return home, teaching valuable lessons about friendship, empathy, and acceptance along the way.




Thu 5/23 Moonstruck (1987) PG

1 Hour 42 Minutes  Romantic Comedy

Directed by Norman Jewison and set in Brooklyn's Italian-American community, the film follows Loretta Castorini, a pragmatic widow who finds herself unexpectedly swept off her feet by her fiancé's passionate brother, Ronny. As their unlikely romance blossoms amidst familial chaos and eccentricity, the story explores themes of love, destiny, and the transformative power of embracing life's unpredictable moments.



Sat 5/25 Midway (1976) PG

2 Hours 2 Minutes  History/Drama


"Midway" is a historical war film directed by Roland Emmerich. Set during World War II, it chronicles the pivotal Battle of Midway between the American and Japanese forces. Through a combination of spectacular visual effects and gripping storytelling, the film highlights the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers on both sides, as well as the strategic importance of the battle in shaping the course of the war in the Pacific.



Thu 5/30 Cocoon (1985) PG13

1 Hour 57 Minutes  Comedy/Drama/SciFi


When a group of elderly residents in a retirement community discovers a pool with mysterious rejuvenating powers, they experience a new lease on life. However, they soon learn that the pool is connected to a group of friendly extraterrestrials. The film explores themes of friendship, aging, and the wonders of the unknown. Directed by Ron Howard.




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